comfort & services

Comfort & services


With the development of Cape Marie Luxury Apartments, comfort and convenience services for the owners have been leading from the beginning.

In short, a carefree property within the guarded limits of the most beautiful and luxurious resort of Curaçao; Coral Estate. For example, as an owner of an apartment or penthouse, you do not look after all the matters relating to the maintenance of the building, the gardens and the swimming pools.

All of these matters are under contract with service agreements by the Home Owners Association, of which you as an owner are automatically member. You can travel the world knowing that your luxury apartment on curaçao is in excellent condition.

Optional services

In addition, as an owner, you can use additional services offered in conjunction with the rental and service organization at Coral Estate. Such as cleaning and servicing your apartment and other housing management services.

And also high-quality services for rental of your apartment and services aimed at making the stay of you or your guests as pleasant as possible, such as airport transfer, fully preparing your apartment for your stay, catering, excursions, and so on.

In short, with your Cape Marie Luxury Apartment you will enjoy an ultimate luxury living concept.


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The Netherlands



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